Wet Paint and Powder Coating Services in Gloucestershire

Paint Specialists
Powder Coating to Wet Paint & Shot Blasting QUOTE
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Shot Blasting From Metal to Wood with The Latest Technology
  • Powder Coating For a great paint finish
  • Metal Work Preparation From a Garden Gate to Vehicle Chassis
  • Wet Paint Services Providing the complete paint shop service
  • Coating & Finishing The complete service for the ultimate finish
  • Long Term Contracts For continued support in painting and finishing
  • Shot Blast Room 6 metres in length, multi item facility

Shot Blasting to Painting for Cars and Vans

Very efficiently restoring metal work

  • Car Wheels
  • Van Wheels
  • Propshafts
  • Differentials
  • Vehicle Chassis
  • Suframe Shot Blasting
  • Hubs

Bikes and Motorcycles

For essential restoration and maintenance to motorbikes and motorcycles or perhaps a completely re-spray of your prized mountain bike!

  • Bike Frame Respray
  • Powder Coating Bikes
  • Bicycle Painting
  • Motorcycle Frames
  • Motorcycle Swingarms
  • Motorcycle Wheels

Metal annd Commercial Products for Coating

Nearly anything made of metal can be treated here at Gloucester Coating to be transformed into a restored original or completely new look and finish.

  • Metal Frameworks
  • Computer Casettes
  • Metal Brackets
  • Metal Shelving
  • Metal Posts
  • Scanner Panels
  • Glass Plates
  • Document Cases
  • Train Seat Backs
  • Ammo Boxes
  • Tanks
  • Document Cases

Delivery and Collection Service for your Home and Garden

Coating and Finishing for metal, wooden and plastic products from your house and home. From Shot Blasting gates and fencing, thorugh to windows and name placks! Finshing with powder coating or wet paint.

  • PVC Windows Painting
  • PVC Frame Reconditioning
  • PVC Roof Paint
  • Post Boxes
  • Metal House Name Plates
  • Metal Mailboxes
  • Metal Garden Gates
  • Metal Bed Frames
  • Metal Chairs